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Loewe Windows

Delving into the unique archive and recreating the animals designed in the 1940's and displayed in the original Loewe store on Gran Vía, Tina redesigned the animals with a circus theme. Each animal was animated to display the products.


To launch craft week at Harrods department store, Tina took moulds of all the tools made to create the iconic Amazona bag. Each gold tool was carefully hung from the ceiling to create the shape of the bag.


Collaborating directly with Stuart Vevers, the inspiration for the Xmas windows was drawn from the Prado museum and Sánchez Cotán's famous "Still Life" paintings. These images were recreated by Tina bringing the windows up to date with strange spinning watermelons, bags on skateboards and moving fish to add a surreal twist.


Based on the Tales of Spain product launch, the windows followed suit with 3D elements echoing the printed product. Super scale 3D moulded flowers and branches ran through windows. Butterfly wings moved and gold bag stands turned the displayed flamenco bags.


Tina designed this simple window display using only typical Spanish dining chairs. The chairs were then upcycled by coating each one in black and white rubber. Sculptural forms were created with the chairs to display product.