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Water Porter 11

28,00 €
28,00 €
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Water Porter 11


Water bottle holder with strap, for those long hikes, taking your pet for a walk or just for everyday use to keep those hydration levels up. 

Made from recycled nylon paracord, with laser cut Casa Mayo key. 

Size approximately 23cm x 10cm (fits a standard 500ml water bottle)

Bottle for display purposes only. Purchase is for carrier only.

Hand made in Spain.


PLANTERS: Like all terracotta, ceramic and clay products are susceptible to cold weather. This means during cold weather months you should exercise special care for your products. We suggest bringing it into an environment where the product won’t be damaged by frost or freezing.

TABLE TOP: Wipe with a damp cloth only. Not diswasher safe. All of our table top items are glazed with food safe glaze. However, some food may stain or mark the unglazed exterior parts of our ceramics if not cleaned with care.

CASA MAYO PARACORD PRODUCTS: Hand or machine washable. May shrink slightly after first wash.

28,00 €
28,00 €
Tax included.